Kathy Karn

Jan 1, 2021

5 min read

Ambushed by an Elephant —

When the student is ready the teacher appears.

Joseph and Rufus and I head out on an evening game drive ©kathykarn www.kathykarn.com
Lewa Wildlife Conservancy with Mt. Kenya in the distance ©kathykarn www.kathykarn.com
Black Rhino mother and calf ©kathykarn www.kathykarn.com
Grevy Zebras ©kathykarn www.kathykarn.com
Leopard in Tree ©kathykarn www.kathykarn.com
Can you spot the leopard tail? ©kathykarn www.kathykarn.com
Young bull elephant roadblock ©kathykarn www.kathykarn.com
Adolescent Elephant ©kathykarn www.kathykarn.com
Can you find the leopard in the tree? ©kathykarn www.kathykarn.com
Leopard devouring his meal as the light fades ©kathykarn www.kathykarn.com